Tuesday, January 31, 2017

My Thoughts From Inauguration 2017

On January 20, 2017 I was fortunate to be in the Washington DC area for the inauguration of Donald Trump.  I was unable to attend the inauguration ceremony during the day, but I was fortunate to be invited to one of the 45 Inaugural Balls that took place on Friday night.  NASSP was one of the many educational organizations that sponsored the Celebrating Education in the Digital Age Inaugural Ball. This was the only Inaugural Ball for those passionate about education.  I thought I would share a few takeaways from this quick trip to D.C.

Somber Times - The mood in Washington was somber and at times sad.  I watched portions of the last two inaugurations on television.  They seemed to have more of a celebratory tone to them.  The 2017 inauguration did not.  The President's speech was dark.  It did not leave a positive feeling in my gut.  At the Ball, the somber mood continued.  I commented a few times that people attending seemed sad. Granted, there was a heavy democratic slant in the room and the recent confirmation hearing of Betsy Devos cast an ominous look at the future of education.  Even some of the Republicans in the room shared their doubts and concerns about the future of public education.  The party went on, people had a great time, but you could sense worry about what the next four years might look like for education.

Protesting the President - On the morning of the inauguration, we watched local news channels report on peaceful and violent protests.  100 protesters engaged with police and military personnel around 13th and K street.  Tear gas, flash bangs, riot gear and smoke bombs were used.  Protesters threw rocks and bricks.  Trash cans were lit on fire.  A limousine was destroyed and lit on fire.  It was surreal to watch.  When we left for the ball, we drove within a block or two of this protest.  Needless to say, I was a little concerned as we were driving by this event in our own limousine.  At each block, there were armored vehicles and military personnel.  The additional security added to the strange and somber mood of the day.  

Emergency Personnel - It was amazing to see the amount of police and military personnel utilized to keep everyone safe.  I am grateful to all of them for their service.  

The Inaugural Ball - I had a great time with my wife, Michelle.  She loved getting all dressed up for a date night like no other.  We met a lot of great people involved in technology education.  Discovery Education, Apple, Learning First Alliance, and iCivics offered great insights into their products and vision.  Michelle and I were disappointed that Sandra Day O’Connor was too ill to attend the ceremony.

Rhode Island Connection - It was great to see Rhode Island’s Chief Innovation Officer Richard Culatta at the Ball.

NASSP - I enjoyed spending time with the advocacy staff from NASSP.  Amanda, David, and Zach pour their heart and soul into their work.  I appreciate all they do for principals across the country.  

We headed back to Rhode Island on Saturday as thousands of women descended upon Washington for the Women’s March.  As I reflected on the plane, I couldn’t help but think that now, more than ever, principals around the country need to advocate for our profession.  

Monday, January 30, 2017

Weekly Update 1/27/17

SHS Faculty PD 1/20/17
SHS Faculty PD 1/27/17

The first semester ended on 1/25.  Teachers are finalizing grades this week.  Everything should be finalized by 2/3.

Second semester courses have begun.  If students have a "hole" in their schedule they should see their counselor ASAP.

I recently posted about an awesome collaboration between the art and tech departments.  Mrs. Hall's students are designing jewelry (rings and bracelets) and Mr. Starring's students are taking the designs and putting them into SolidWorks so they can be generated on the 3D printer.  Here are some of the final products. 

Congratulations to the boys hockey team.  Their win over Hendricken last Friday night was a big one for the program.  For the first time in the history of the program, SHS has victories over Mount, LaSalle, and Hendricken in the same season.  SHS takes on Mount at home this Friday at 8:30.  Keep up the great work boys.

Great quote from my Twitter feed: "Disagreement...it's easy to disregard & dismiss what others think...true progress is made when you sit down & talk & see their perspective."

SHS alum Anthony Marsella has another boxing match this weekend at Twin River.  Good luck Team Marsella!

Interesting article on class rank

SHS is looking for a lacrosse coach and an assistant tennis coach for the spring.  If anyone is interested they should check out Schoolspring or reach out to the athletic director.

Just a reminder students do not have a week off for February break.  There is a long weekend.  No school for students and staff on February 20th.  No school for students on February 21st.  All staff report on Feb. 21 for a PD Day.


Friday, January 13, 2017

Weekly Update 1/13/17

This week's SHS Faculty PD.

No school Monday, January 16 in honor of Martin Luther King Day!

Mr. Lenore has released his latest video.  Check out the football highlight video.  Thank you Mr. Lenore!

Had the opportunity to visit a combined class this week.  Mrs. Hall ("A" in STEAM) and Mr. Starring (Mechanical Drawing) are collaborating on a unique project.  Mrs. Hall's students are designing jewelry (rings and bracelets) and Mr. Starring's students are taking the designs and putting them into SolidWorks so they can be generated on the 3D printer.  Cannot wait to see the final products.

School Committee meeting on Tuesday, January 17th

School Committee budget meetings will take place on the following dates:
2/7    6 pm
2/14  6 pm
2/28  6 pm if needed

Winter Ball is January 20th at Rhodes on the Pawtuxet.

SHS Travel Club has four spots open for the Washington DC trip in April.  More info may be found here.

"Don't just strive for greatness, strive for significance"


Monday, January 9, 2017

Weekly Update 1/6/17

This week's SHS Faculty PD!

I hope everyone had a great winter break.  Time to get back to work. 😁

Second quarter ends January 25th.  Be sure to get any missing work turned in ASAP.  Grades should be finalized around February 3rd.

Final Exemption Rules

8th Grade Open House is scheduled for 3/2/17.

Parent Council has their next meeting this Wednesday, 1/11/17, at 7 pm in the library.  Assistant Superintendent Morisseau will be in attendance to provide an overview of curriculum, instruction and assessment and answer any questions parents may have.  

Lot's of RIIL games on tap for the next few weeks.  Check out www.riil.org for schedules.  

No school Monday, 1/16/17 for Martin Luther King Day.  

Winter Ball is Friday, January 20, 2017.